Maya Lin

Maya Lin

“From the very beginning, I often wondered, If it had not been an anonymous entry 1026 but rather an entry by Maya Lin, would I have been selected?”
Maya Lin,Boundaries

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

From Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial Submission

“I remember at the very first press conference a reporter asking me if I did not find it ironic that the memorial was for the Vietnam War and that I was of Asian descent. I was so righteous in my response that my race was completely irrelevant. It took me almost nine months to ask the VVMF, in charge of building the memorial, if my race was at all an issue. It had never occurred to me that it would be, and I think they had taken all the measures they could to shield me from such comments about a “gook” designing the memorial.”
Maya Lin, Boundaries 

“Lin believes that what enables her to create works that people respond to emotionally is her own emotional detachment, and that what enables her to address political subjects effectively is her apolitical posture.”
Louis Menand, “The Reluctant Memorialist,” The New Yorker, 2002

“There’s this authority that’s going to say, ‘This is mine first, then it’s going to be yours, then it’s going to be yours.’… .At some level, we all shared it, and that has never happened before in history. I hope that is really taken into account.”
Maya Lin on memorializing 9/11, “The Reluctant Memorialist”